my new exersise plan

I watched stephen fry being interviewed on tv and he had lost six stone, about the same amount I want to lose, i am only 5.4 and he is 6.5 so it will take me much longer but he started to exersise with audiobooks downloaded to ipod from itunes, this is a brillant idea and today i  downloaded the ‘great gastby’ listening to a good book while exersing is a revelation and really spurs you on, i hope i can keep this up, i am too poor to pay a gym subscription at the moment but very heavy and a daily 30 min walk will really get off to a realistic start. Cherryt

day one

well im 44 yrs old and have become miserable with myself, i know that im getting to the age where i have to change this heavy weight i am at the moment in england we say 16 stone i have no idea what that means in pounds. I need to lose between 5-6 stone as im 5ft 4 and god it feels like a mountain to climb! my life has good parts and bad parts my work i enjoy but my private life is seriously lacking, i never go out, and my relationship in bad state but we are too poor to seperate but the truth is the relationship is empty and lacking in affection and i am fed up, i have to concentrate on getting my health on track and today for me is day one, i just hope that by getting my thoughts down ill start making sense of the futile over eating pattern that is quite frankly destroting my life. heres hoping June 6th 2009. cherryt